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Acolytes— The ministry of the acolytes at St. Peter's is open to all youth and young adults. Some of the responsibilities  include lighting the candles prior to the service, carrying the torches in both the processional and the recessional, assisting on the set up pf  the altar rail for communion as well as assisting those members of the congregation that might need assistance, carrying the cross in the processional and recessional, receiving the communion elements and offering plates, assisting the rector as needed in preparing the bread and wine for communion, and extinguishing the candles at the end of the service.  We welcome any youth or young adult to this ministry and training is available.

Altar Guild—The Altar Guild prepares a place for worship.  The duties include preparing the communion vessels for the Eucharist, keeping all the brass and silver polished, taking care of the linens used on the altars and arranging the flowers on the altar. They are responsible for the changing of the various hangings on the altar depending on the church calendar and special services.. New members are welcomed and training is available.  As a member of this ministry, you will find  great joy and a real feeling of satisfaction seeing the results of your work during any  church service.

Pastoral Care—Members work with the Priest in visiting parishioners who are home bound ill, in nursing home or in a situation where a visit or conversation are much appreciated.  This group also writes birthday cards and send notes to acknowledge special occasions in St. Peter's members's lives.  These personal touches make our Pastoral Care Committee a very special group of individuals.

Women's Group—Our women's groups consists of The Daughters of The King, Girls' Friendly Society Sponsors, and Mother's Union. Each group has their own specific mission but all work together as faithful women in the Episcopal Church. If you are interested in any one of these ministries, please contact the church office or see the links page for more information.

Youth—Our youth ministry consists of Sunday School, Youth Group, and Girls' Friendly Society.  Sunday School is held on Sundays  during the  10:00 am  service.  The youth  join the rest of the congregation during the peace in order to take part in the Eucharist.  Every second Sunday of each month is Youth Sunday.  During Youth Sunday, the youth members take part in the service by ushering, reading the lessons and on some occasions will have a special presentation.  Girls' Friendly Society is open to any girl between the ages of 5 - 21. For more information of GFS, please see the links page. (Currently St. Peter's is the only active branch in the Diocese)